What You Should Never Ask An Escort

What You Should Never Ask An Escort

You may not know the backstory of your escorts and things may lead to a situation when you cannot stop yourself from asking them more about themselves. However, you will have to be careful in knowing what might be inappropriate to ask an escort and keeping the conversation a healthy one. Here are the mistakes that men usually do while talking to the escorts which they might not like to answer and make the situation awkward.

How can I satisfy you on the bed?

It is very generous of you to ask such a question, considering that you like your partner and want to do your best in making her happy as well. But escorts are not bothered about it at all. Do not think that you have to perform to impress her. Also, she must make you happy, and she will make sure to satisfy you before making you satisfy herself. Unless you are a regular client, there is no reason for you to worry about making her needs matter as she is there to make your time count no matter how good you are. Also, if you have asked the question already, do not expect any honest answer from their side as it will always be to make you happy.

Why are you doing this?

The most hated question for the escorts is “Why are they in this industry if they are so intelligent?” There is no reason at all for her to share her back story and why she joined this line. Do not try to fish for the information that is none of your business. If the escort herself shares the story, only then it means that she is comfortable telling you about it. Do not take the second step in this question. You might have never found this woman if it was not for this job, so it is better to leave the reasons behind and focus on better conversations.

Are you in a relationship?

This is a red light. Do not cross the lines of her personal life as she is an escort and not a girl that you are dating tonight. Spend your time on things which only involves you and her, try not to get involved in anything other than that. Asking her about her boyfriend, husband or kids can annoy her and make her uncomfortable in serving you further. Try to live the moment for which you have paid her and avoid any personal life questions.

What all can you do?

If you are sitting with an escort, then you should already have all the idea about her services and fees. This topic should not be brought back during the meet. Check out her website and get to know about her rates and services. Choose your preferences, and she will know what to do with you before she greets you. Do not discuss these things again and make your escort uninterested in you. Respect her and treat her like a lady, make it a time well spent rather getting into the nerves of your escort so she can also focus on giving you the best service she can.

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